The South African Biorisk Association (SABA) was established in November 2011 as a non-profit, non-governmental body to promote biosafety and biosecurity in South Africa.
Our long term vision is to facilitate opportunities in these fields and to provide a forum for professionals to engage and network. SABA’s members include professionals and corporate members in the biological sciences from various fraternities.
In our short existence, we have successfully co-hosted the Third Annual African Biosafety Association Meeting locally over June 2012, as well as the 2012 Annual IFBA meeting at which time we became members of their organisation. Since that time we have received both praise and support from the American Cooperative Biological Engagement Program.

Promote biosafety and biosecurity as scientific disciplines and serve the growing needs of biological safety professionals throughout South Africa
Create awareness and promote the development of equipment, facilities and best practices to reduce the potential for occupational hazards and adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically-derived materials
Establish a dialogue on current and emerging issues
Provide a forum for the continued and timely exchange of information
Influence and support standards and emerging legislation of biosafety, biosecurity, biotechnology, transport and associated activities by acting as a focal point for the consolidation of views on these issues
Enhance knowledge and understanding of biological safety and security issues
Establish the training needs of South African Institutions to facilitate proper qualifications for enforcing biosafety and biosecurity principles
Provide training to scientists, laboratory managers, and policy makers on surveillance, diagnostics, biosafety, and pathogen security for effective laboratory practices
Awareness of new issues and areas of research through training materials and activities
To support continuous professional development for its members
Enhance collaboration and networking in areas of pathogen security and biosafety
Promote risk assessment, safety and security consultations, and best practices in design and implementation among laboratories
Obtaining international co-operation to reduce risks by collaborating with partnership governments
Develop biosafety and pathogen security standards within national and international guidelines, conventions and requirements

We envision a united front in the promotion, Education and Awareness of Biosafety and Biosecurity of Scientific, and public health practices throughout the region.

The South African Biorisk Association is committed to:
Safety and security
Best practices

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