• Help promote biosafety and biosecurity as scientific disciplines in South Africa and the larger SADC region
  • Represent the biological safety interests and requirements in professional, medical, agricultural, and biological sectors
  • Influence and support emerging legislation and standards in Biosafety, Biosecurity, Biotechnology and associated activities
  • Collaborate on a national and international scale to minimize risks by developing biosafety and pathogen security standards following national and international guidelines
  • Affiliate Internationally with other organizations, like the International Federation of Biosafety Associations
  • Access the latest information through legislation, guidelines, international communications, newsletters, pamphlets, lectures, symposiums, workshops, publications, conferences and the applications of biological safety research findings
  • Network and exchange information with others by Joining forums and membership directories
  • Receive expert assistance for risk assessments, safety and security consultations, designing and implementing standardised guidelines and regulation compliances
  • Obtain training and competency requirements for efficient Biorisk Management (including surveillance, diagnostics, biosafety, and pathogen security) from both national and international experts
  • Access training materials and activities regarding new issues and research areas
  • Find opportunities for training fellowships internationally
  • Gain support for continuous professional development

    Our organization also has an awards program aimed at recognising and rewarding any members, institutions, private companies or organizations for the outstanding management of practices initiated, implemented or sustained for the efficient biosafety and biosecurity of staff, community and the environment.

    There are four types of members that can register:

    Professional Member
    Refers to a scientist, technologist or intern within the Biological field (i.e. medical, animal or environmental sciences) whereby biosafety and biosecurity hold direct relevance

    Supportive Member
    Has attained a position of responsibility in a technological, administrative, scientific or an educational capacity. These include individuals holding relevant knowledge, interest, or positions in industry

    Student Member
    Attends technical, practical or scientific courses possibly requiring further instruction or training

    Sponsor Member
    Is a legal entity with interest in the furtherance of the objectives our organization. One or many representatives are registered on an individual basis to represent their concerns


    Fill in the Member Application Form
    Fill in the Sponsor Application Form
    Pay the relevant Membership Fees
    Email proof of payment and the application form to with the subject “application form”
    Confirmation of membership will be sent. Where after you will receive newsletters, information about events and the various opportunities


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